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Phase 1 Vol 6: Kun Tao Dragon

You will learn to build incredible speed & explosive power with rapid & continuous striking that will devastate an opponent.

This is one of the most explosive & powerful videos in the Phase 1 Series.

This dvd contains everything you need to build the explosive and powerful body qualities used in this method as well as in-depth instruction on the devastating application and usage of Clear’s Kun Tao Dragon. You will also learn to combine this method seamlessly with everything else you have learned in Phase 1.

Gun Tactics & Situation Strategies

A gun can be an effective self defense tool but without proper close quarters & scenario training it might as well be an expensive & dangerous paperweight.

Noted self-defense expert Richard Clear's tactically sound, real-world training method is straightforward, simple, and easy to 'get.'

  • Most gunfight deaths are the result of shots fired at less than 6 feet.
  • Over 75% of officers shot on duty are shot with their own weapon.

On this dvd Richard Clear takes a hard look at how actual attacks occur and you will learn the skills and attitude that have enabled Master Clear and his students to survive and win real-world attacks.

“Innovative, Reality Based, Essential to those who consider their gun for self defense.” -Howard Smith 30 years Law Enforcement Over 10 Years teaching firearms & officer survival techniques at the Broward County Police Academy.

This DVD includes:

  • SCENARIOS! Drills & Training.
  • How You stop the criminal from getting your gun
  • Practical skills you must have that greatly increase your odds of surviving a bad situation. (Most people neglect these and are completely unprepared for a bad situation when it happens. This alone is worth the price of the dvd)
  • What you Must do to win against Surprise Attacks
  • How to get The Position You Need to Draw Your Weapon in an Up Close & Personal situation.
  • The smartest way to practice drawing your gun
  • How & Why You need to Move while firing your weapon
  • How You easily counter an attackers hits, grabs or tackles
  • Simple & effective basics of handgun retention & disarms.

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