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Silat Lift Kicks

Silat Lift Kicks are a nice and relatively simple tool that you can use to defend yourself.

The movement is simple.

Think of moving your leg the same way that you would to move a box that is sitting on the floor with your toe.

Simply reach out and push the box without any extra movement or telegraphing.

However, the internal aspect of lift kicks is very important.

The idea is to [Read more…]

Free Silat Video Lesson 2: The Open Hand

This is from Clear’s Silat Phase 1 Class 2: Offensive Slaps.
Read more about the open hand in these articles:

Bear Style Djuru

The Bear Style Djuru is a combination of several elements:

  • Standing Bear principles
  • Constant motion
  • The shock kick
  • The Lion’s Roar
  • Wide eye

All performed at the same time.

The Bear Style Djuru begins with a shock kick while raising the hands up above head height and then the hands come crashing down while the weight sets down onto the front leg. A combat version of the Lion’s Roar matches the movement for a complete body action in 2 parts that can be performed in less than a second.

A Djuru is a hand pattern or technique and the Bear Style Djuru is a whole body action with the kick while the hands are raising up and down in front of you.

The Bear Style Djuru eats up all of the space in front of you and causes you to rapidly advance on an attacker faster than they can normally respond. Most people will get out of the way and try to flank. With practice you can easily turn and change directions while performing the Bear Style Djuru making it quite difficult for someone to successfully complete a flanking action.

I personally like to compare the look of the Bear Style Djuru movement to the character of Pac Man in the Pac Man video game.

In the Bear Style Djuru the arms go up at the same time that the shock kick is performed and then the arms strike and compact down while the weight is shifted forward onto the front foot that was the shock kick. Then the shock kick is executed again and the hands fly up again and then the downward strike and compacting action are repeated.

This cycle continuously repeats as much as desired or until there is no longer a threat or the threat has been neutralized (ran over).

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How to Build Bone Breaking Power with Standing Bear

Standing Bear is one of the basic entries in Clear’s Silat Phase I that contains critical skills for more advanced training in the art.

It is long power based movement that is most often seen in the orangutan movenment in the island arts.

The first skill worked on and learned is how to use the power of gravity to drop an enormous amount of whole body power on your opponent. At more advanced levels it is easy to use the skills learned in this kind of fighting method to break an attackers arm.

Most people will find the basic training method unusual both in look and application but after you have trained the basics actually apply this fighting method becomes easy.

Basic Practice Method.

To practice Standing Bear start by [Read more…]

How to Throw a Shock Kick

Shock Kicks are a valuable tool in your arsenal and are one of the basic kicks in Clear’s Silat. The shock kick is intended to be a surprise leg attack at just the outside edge of punching range. The shock kick has whole body power behind it and is quite powerful.

A Basic Shock Kick

The basic method for throwing a shock kick is [Read more…]