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Free Kun Tao Silat Lesson: Constant Motion

This is brought to you by Clear’s Silat Phase 1 Vol 3. On Sale until Nov 7th 2011.

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Free Silat Video Lesson #5: Silat Decoy & Welcoming Postures

This is from Clear’s Silat Phase 1 Class 6: Decoy & Welcoming Postures

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Free Silat Video Lesson #4: Alive Hands

This is from Phase 1 Class 5: Alive Hands.

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Silat Jamming

In Clear’s Silat Jamming is used as a technique to control the other person’s entire body through one point of contact.

For instance if the attacker has their fists up in an aggressive stance then the defender can jam the arm at the elbow to control the attackers body through the elbow.

To do this you must…

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Free Silat Lesson 3: Using Your Legs

This is from Phase 1 Class 3: Habud

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