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Free Silat Lesson #11: Zero Pressure

This lesson is brought to you Clear’s Silat Vol 4.

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Defeating Karate Kicks

Defeating Karate kicks first involves knowing how the karate kicks are performed and used and understanding both the strengths and weaknesses inherent to the techniques. Of course in our Phase I class we are referring to average basic common karate kicks practiced in most Karate schools in America today.

Defeating these kicks is one of the basic Phase I classes in the Clear’s Kun Tao Silat curriculum and of course there is much more advanced material further along in our curriculum as we definitely understand that a senior black belt in a good karate system will have more than just the basics to work with and will move much better and with more fluidity and less telegraphing than most folks who practice and train these kicks.

The 5 most basic karate kicks are

  1. The front snap kick
  2. The round house kick
  3. The side kick
  4. The spinning back kick
  5. The crescent kick which can easily be an ax kick

Each of these kicks have their strengths and defeating them means avoiding those and taking advantages of the weaknesses of the kicks as practiced by most people.

The biggest weaknesses of Karate kicks are as follows: [Read more…]