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How Much Of Your Training Time Is Wasted?

Silat12If you’re busy like me you only have a limited amount of training time each day.

So we need to use that time as effectively as possible.

We talk a lot here in the newsletter about how to find the most effective methods and ways to make our training as efficient as possible.

…but even the most efficient training is wasted if you don’t test it.

Without some drills, games and sparring to test our skills under pressure, we can’t be sure our training will be there when it matters.

Pressure testing and sparring is essential in making sure our skills will be there when we need them.

Sparring is also a great way to find our errors and fix them.

…and this makes our training even more efficient.

But sport martial art sparring methods wont do the job.

The Art of Sparring is a 2 disc DVD set that contains all the drills, games and types of sparring you need to properly train a reality based self defense art like Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua or Xing Yi.

“So… When Will We See Silat & Tai Chi Competing In MMA?”

Silat17A couple years ago a Muay Thai player came to visit the school.

He hadn’t competed or trained in several years but he still had some very powerful kicks and his movement was deceptively light and agile.

He was quite friendly and we got to play and compare notes on Muay Thai and Kuntao

When he felt the power that Sigung Clear can produce his first reaction was:

“Man, You should go compete!”

This wasn’t the first or the last time we’ve heard this.

…and not just from sport martial artists.

Many Internal Martial Artist, who have felt what these arts can do, are waiting for the day when an internal artist will start cleaning up in MMA type competition.

I hate to disappoint them but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Competition is just not what Tai Chi, Silat, Bagua & Xing Yi are designed for.

These arts are reality based self defense arts.

…and it’s very important to understand the difference between Competition & Competitive, when sparring with these arts.

Your sparring SHOULD be competitive. In that you are comparing your self to your training partners. and you are using these comparisons that come about in sparring to find holes in your skill and to fix those holes.

However, it should NOT become a competition.

When sparring becomes competition it becomes about winning the game.

…anything that doesn’t help you win the game is now a waste of valuable training time. So the more you try to win the further your training gets from what you need for self defense.

In reality based arts your sparring should always be about building skill.

You are not trying to beat your opponents. You are using them to help you find errors in yourself and you are helping them find their own errors.

Each sparring game focuses on a specific skill or group of skills.

Keep in mind which skills you are working on each time you spar.

Our new DVD: The Art of Sparring teaches you the games drills and sparring methods to build self defense skill with reality based marital arts for self defense.

You can save $103 on this 2 disc set if you order by Monday Feb 23

Details are here:

How do Self Defense Arts Spar?

Silat09Last time we talked about why MMA & Kickboxing sparring methods are ineffective ways to train for self defense.

…but we still need to pressure test our arts.

We need to practice our skills against opponents who are trying to beat us.

One way to do this is through real world experience.

Move to a dangerous area, do stupid things, put yourself in bad situations, etc…

Sigung Clear and many of his teachers learned a lot this way. However, this is very dangerous. Sigung Clear and his teachers didn’t seek out dangerous situations. They had the misfortune of living in dangerous areas.

I don’t recommend this method if you have a choice.

Even if you do have a dangerous job or live in a dangerous place, I recommend doing as much of your pressure testing in training as possible.

After all, our goal with these arts is long term survival and health.

So, How to do we spar…

…and get to practice all of our most lethal techniques..

..against a resisting opponents…

…without hurting our training partners?

The simple answer is: You Can’t.

There is no single way to do this.

Any sparring method, game or drill that is safe will be divorced from reality in a way that leaves holes in your skillset.

In today’s, take a pill to cure everything world, this is not a popular message.

It’s much more comforting to buy into the ‘single solution’ message of MMA & sport martial arts. “If it works in MMA it’s good, if it doesn’t it’s not.” Clear, simple, easy.

But we are Reality Based Martial Artists.

…and the real world is messy, nuanced and complicated.

So, we need a bunch of drills, games & sparring methods.

Each game has a specific purpose, providing pressure in different ways and helping us build different parts of our skillset.

The good news is: we have more fun games to play with our training partners.

In our new 2 disc DVD set, Sigung Clear teaches the primary games, drills & sparring methods we use to spar and develop the skills of Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua & Xing Yi against resisting opponents.

This includes the core sparring method of our Kuntao Silat that builds superior positioning skills and, if you put in a lot of hard work, will teach you how to move slower than the opponent while beating them to the punch every time.

Included with this set is a section on how to use these arts in a sport sparring format.

Though sport sparring is ineffective in preparing for self defense, it is very popular and it can often be a useful way to play with martial artists of different styles in a context they are used to.

The Myth of Pressure Testing: How MMA has failed the martial arts.

Pressure-Testing-Martial-ArtsMixed Martial Arts was supposed to be the savior of martial arts.

It was billed as the ultimate proving ground where a martial artist could test their skills against any other style.

MMA was supposed to provide a nonrestrictive format where anyone could test their techniques under pressure and see what really works and what doesn’t.

To this day many folks consider MMA and Kickboxing style sparring to be an essential part of learning to use their art effectively.

Like any good myth this his half true.

Testing yourself under pressure is essential and training your skills against opponents who are trying to counter you is important.

MMA sparring is just a horribly ineffective way to do this.

Of course the first problem is the rules. The rules are there to prevent techniques that could maim or kill a fighter. Rules are also used to keep the fights entertaining and discourage fighting strategies that might lose the interest of the audience.

There are no weapons in MMA. You only fight a single opponent at a time. etc…

So MMA sparring is NOT preparing you for an attacker who wants to kill or maim you. You are not preparing for an opponent who uses a boring but effective strategy. You are not preparing for an attacker who is armed and you are not preparing for attackers that work together.

A reality based martial art is designed for self defense.

Tai Chi, Silat, Xing Yi, Bagua and many kung fu styles.

These arts where all built to help you survive a life and death situation.

…against opponentS who are most likely armed.

MMA has become a great success as a sport and as entertainment but it has failed completely as an effective means to pressure test the martial arts.

Of course we still need to pressure test our methods.

…and we need to be able to interact with other martial artists and play the training games they are accustomed to.

Our new DVD set The Art of Sparring teaches you the games, drills and sparring methods that reality based martial arts like Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua & Xing Yi use to make sure the skills we’re building will be there when we need them most:

The Art of Sparring for Self Defense

How to Pressure Test Your Art

The Art of Sparring

Learn how to spar with reality based self defense arts like Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua & Xing Yi.


Pressure testing is an essential part of reality based self defense arts like Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua & Xing Yi.

Unfortunately, popular sparring methods like, Full Contact MMA, Kickboxing & Karate point sparring are horribly ineffective when preparing for the realities of self defense.

…and they outright ban many of the strategies and techniques of reality based arts like Silat, Tai Chi & others.

In this video Sigung Richard Clear takes an in depth look at the drills, games & sparring methods that are essential when training these arts for self defense.

  • You will learn how to spar safely
  • You will learn how to train the full range of techniques including eye, throat and groin strikes against a resisting opponents.
  • You will learn basic ‘Monkey Play’ for developing your ground and grappling skills
  • …and you will learn how to use your Kuntao & Silat skills in the popular sport sparring format.