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KO Power DVD
Rapid Fire Speed Hitting DVD
Dirty & Unfair Escapes From Holds DVD


KO Power DVD
  • End a fight in 3-5 Seconds
  • Add full body power to every strike
  • 5 fast ways to get a knockout
  • Add Knockout Power in Every Strike

    In this video, we teach you how to quickly develop knockout striking power in a variety of hits and positions.

    When you find yourself in a bad situation, you don’t want to fumble around while your attacker threatens your life.

    You need to do something quickly.

    These 5 easy lessons are designed to give you the knowledge you need to end a fight on first contact.

    If you want to be able to defend yourself, your hits need Knockout Power.
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    Rapid Fire Speed Hitting DVD
  • Strike too fast for them to react
  • Overwhelm your opponent
  • How to land 3-5 strikes per second
  • Strike so fast they can’t react

    There’s an old self defense adage that “action beats reaction.”

    Striking first is usually what wins a fight, even if the first strike isn’t the blow that ended it.

    But that isn’t the whole story-

    You also have to strike FASTER than your opponent. And if the first strike fails, you need to follow it up with more before they can do something back to you.

    Rapid Fire Speed Hitting is all about putting your attacker where they never wanted to be- on the defensive side.

    In these lessons, we show you how to generate full body power with 3-5 hits per second to overwhelm and rout your opponent.

    You’ll learn how to quickly suppress and strike at your attacker faster than they can react-

    and how to land a fight ending blow, even when the opponent isn’t open.

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    Dirty & Unfair Escapes From Holds DVD
  • Brutal Strikes – Illegal in MMA
  • Break the rules to save your life
  • Break their bones to escape capture
  • Street real defense against holds- no rules

    Grappling in street attacks is a great way to get yourself stabbed.

    There could be multiple attackers you don’t see. There could be guns and knives involved.

    You don’t have time to mess around-

    You need to escape quickly, and cause as much damage as possible to keep them from chasing you.

    Don’t allow yourself to get captured, kidnapped, or robbed.

    These lessons will teach you the dirty & unfair tricks needed to escape from your attackers, and live to see another day.

    They didn’t play by the rules, and you can’t either.

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    Knockout Striking Package DVDs
  • Add devastating knockout power to every hit
  • Clear training progression to ramp up your skills
  • Over 8 Hours of Instruction
  • Never Feel Unarmed Again

    Learn to strike with effortless power and how to make your strikes penetrate deep into the opponents internal organs.

    Training Includes:

    • Critical hitting secrets (90% of fighters are doing this wrong!)
    • Key principles of Force Delivery that jack up your striking power
    • Suddenness training to make your movements explosively fast
    • How to defend yourself against bigger, stronger attackers
    • How to align your body for maximum power
    • The nasty trick to make your opponent feel like he got hit with a crowbar
    • When and how to cut through a target, when it is smarter not to, and what to do instead
    • Special training on how to defend against a knife attack

    Knockout Striking Package

    1. Introduction to Knockout Striking
    2. One Hit KO’s – Part A
    3. One Hit KO’s – Part B
    4. One Touch KO’s
    5. Training Steps (Power Breaking Progression)

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