Kun Tao Dragon 8 Move Set

The Clear’s Kun Tao Silat Basic 8 Move Set utilizes a loaded position that capitalizes on compression and forward body motion to over run and go into and through the opponent.

To begin the Kun Tao Dragon Set stand with your feet parallel at shoulder width while facing forward.

Then, turn 90 degrees and face to the left. Lean slightly forward as if looking over the side of a steep cliff. Then, drop low enough that you can place your left forearm on top of your left thigh.

The toes of your right foot stay on the ground but pick up your right heel as high as you can so that you are ready to run or jump forwards due to the pressure on your toes.

All of your weight should be on your left leg and you want as much pressure as possible on the “loaded” right leg. If you pick up your left leg the right leg should pop you forward due to the pressure on it. This position resembles a runner poised and ready at the starting line.

All of the moves start and end in this loaded position with the exception of the Lift kick causing the practitioner to switch leg positions (the right leg has all the weight and the left becomes spring loaded) so that you can repeat the sequence on the other side of your body.

  • The 1st move is a spring loaded punch up with the whole body behind the punch.
  • The 2nd move is a punch down with a heavy forearm type of strike.
  • The 3rd move is an upward elbow with your forward elbow.
  • The 4th move is an elbow across with the back arm.
  • The 5th move is an upward (can be jumping) knee with the forward leg.
  • The 6th move is a cross knee with the back leg.
  • The 7th move is a shock kick where the front foot is kicking forward while the back foot moves up to replace the position the front foot was in. When the front foot sets down you are back in the Kun Tao Basic 8 stance one full move ahead of where you were before the kick.
  • The 8th move is a Lift Kick where your back foot is brought forward with your toes pulled back in order to spear or spike the opponent in the knee, groin, belly, (or throat if you are an advanced practitioner) with your foot. This kick is similar to a Push Kick in Thai Boxing.

In the Clear’s Kun Tao Dragon 8 Move Set you can also change sides / positions by stepping forward with the back foot so that your right leg now has your body weight and the left leg is loaded. You can also simply turn around 180 degrees by spinning on your toes or you can throw a Flip kick to turn 180 degrees.

We will be covering the Flip Kick in an upcoming Post