Kun Tao Silat – Flip Kicks & Head Butting

Two other basic techniques in Kun Tao Silat that are included in the Clear’s Kun Tao Silat curriculum are Flip Kicks & Head Butting. There are many other techniques and methods. These are simply some of the basics that we specifically teach along with the Clear’s Kun Tao Silat Basic 8 Set in our system of Kun Tao Silat.

Flip Kicks

Flip Kicks are intended to be thrown close enough to the opponent so that you can hit the opponents front thigh. The intended target is normally just behind the knee and is intended to rake or cut downwards through their leg.

Flip Kicks are thrown by first stepping out with the front leg an inch to a foot or so and lifting the back leg up and bringing it over in an arc so that the shin and knee are facing downwards hence the name because the leg is flipped over.

This technique is very similar to a Thai Boxing Shin Kick except that the shin in this case is intended to rake and cut through the opponent most likely ending in a leg break to them.

After the Flip kick is launched the descent occurs by sinking on the support leg so that the practitioner’s entire body drops. The toes (which are pulled back) land on the floor and the practitioner is back in the Clear’s Kun Tao Silat Basic 8 position but now facing 180 degrees the other way.

When the first step happens the practitioner should throw their front hand out to strike followed immediately by the other hand. Ideally this overwhelms the intended recipient and keeps them busy so that they do not see the Flip Kick which lands an instant after the 2nd hand. As soon as the 2nd forward hand strike is thrown but before the 2nd hand lands the Flip Kick gets thrown.

Used properly this kick can have devastating results.

Head Butting

Clear’s Kun Tao Dragon set the headbutts are always present in every move.

The key thing to ingrain and practice is that the headbutts are not thrown by moving your head or neck but that instead you move your entire upper torso as one piece so that the entire upper body weight makes contact each time you headbutt. This is simply devastating to the recipient of such a blow. Another key element is to look through your eyebrows at whatever you are headbutting.

When you add the Flip Kick and the head butt into your Clear’s Kun Tao Dragon set arsenal you begin to get a fairly simple and quite powerful method of in close fighting that can be used quite effectively by anyone who takes the time to practice properly and build the leg strength, power and speed necessary to properly perform the set moves.