Lesson 10: Hamburger Range (close the distance)

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  1. todd colbeck says

    How are the feet positioned and the weight distributed in your stance?

    • The feet should be constantly moving as you walk or run to control the distance.

      So the weight is constantly switching from one foot to the other and the position is constantly changing.

      The key is to keep the mobility that will allow you to control the distance & position.

      • todd colbeck says

        Thanks, now I just need to practice more with a partner,

        • todd colbeck says

          This is a great concept ” I’m all the way in or all the way out”. I see so many people sparring and just staying in “hamburger range”. Do you have a DVD on footwork drills?

          • We tend to emphasize position, movement and timing over specific footwork in the beginning so you’ll see footwork and lower body stuff spread throughout our programs.

            I would recommend taking a look at Clear’s Silat Class 9: Retreating Forwards & Class 12 Walking, Shaking Hands & Running on Volume 4, Class 7: Constant Motion on Volume 3, Classes 25 & 26: Knee & Foot Destructions on Volume 9 and Class 38: Multiple Attackers on Volume 14.

  2. Jay Cooper says

    Exellent point about hamburger