Lesson 5: Rapid Continuous Chopping Strikes

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  1. Anthony Winger says


    Should I be having the mind intent of my hands getting heavier and heavier with this technique? Or should they be light and loose?

    • Ben Sterling says


      To the opponent they should feel heavier and heavier. To you they will most likely feel heavy at this point.

      In later training whether they feel heavy to you or not depends on what quality you are working on. The should almost always feel heavy to the opponent though.

  2. I think the component that was missing in the last part of the demonstration is that Richard is twisting from side to side from the waist. It’s subtle, but it’s there and makes the difference between getting hit because the defenders head is always behind his hands. It might be good to use an axe handle and have someone actually chop as if chopping wood while moving forward. It would also reinforce the concept of keeping both hands moving. Namaste _/\_