Lesson 5: Wu Chi

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  1. 1.what is the purpose of the index finger being straight for WuChi.
    2.what is the reccomended foot spacing in WuChi stance.
    3.what is the reccomended location of the yang chaun or “bubbling spring”

    • 1. Extending the Index Finger (Slightly. Don’t tense it.) helps make sure the energy flow extends all the way to the end of the fingers. It also enhances the flow in the lung meridian.

      2. In the beginning keep them at shoulder width or narrower. However as long as all the Wu Chi principles are happening any width is OK.

      3. A little behind the ball of the foot. However for practical purposes think of this as the greater part of the bottom of the foot. You could even use the entire foot. If I’m flowing energy through an area I often want to it as big, open and relaxed as possible to allow as much energy flow as possible with as little restriction. So for Yang Chuan I use the entire foot. For Lao Gung I use the entire palm. For upper dantien I’ll use the entire forehead or even the entire face sometimes.

  2. Hi,
    I could not find the link to “The importance of Wu Chi” in Lesson 5. Could you please repair the link. I will check back later.
    Thanks. The lessons are great.

    Richard Ng

  3. Mark Baumgärtner says

    When I stand in Wu Chi for more than 10 minutes, rooting myself, it sometimes happens, that my body starts to move on its own for a few minutes. Lightly tilting, leaning and twisting, sometimes shifting the weight somewhat between feet.

    Is this to be expected?

    • Ben Sterling says

      Yes, that’s not uncommon. Focus on relaxing even more and letting go of more tension.

      Also 10 minutes is plenty most of the time. Focus on making the quality of that 10 minutes better and better. More relaxation, better alignment, better breath, etc…