Xing Yi Lessons

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Introduction to Xing Yi Quan (Internal Combat Arts Vol 2)

Prologue: Basic Self Defense Movements for The 5 Elemental Fists

Chapter 1: The Basic Physical Movement of Each Element

Chapter 2: The Internal Action of Each Element

Chapter 3: Fighting Use of Proper Body Mechanics

Chapter 4: Dropping Root with every Hit

Chapter 5: Hsing-I Fortifies the Center

Chapter 6: Hsing-I is a Closing Art

Chapter 7: Bone Shields & The Thorny King

Chapter 8: Offensive Fighting Methods of The Elements

Chapter 9: The Evil Version of Each Element

Chapter 10: Offensive Fighting Principles with Each Element

Chapter 11: The Animals Are Simply Extensions of the Elements

Chapter 12: Fighting an Aggressive Opponent Who is Out of Reach

Chapter 13: Make Your Defense Your Offense Against A Close Opponent.

Chapter 14: Grappling & Cagey Moving Opponents

Chapter 15: Bamboo Art (Rocking Kun Tao Method)

Chapter 16: Spring Power & Hitting

Chapter 17: The Phonebooth Method

Chapter 18: Chicken Stepping Method

Chapter 19: Mixing & Matching to find and Enter Opponent

Chapter 20: Sticky Hands & Push Hands for Hsing-I Training

Chapter 21: Basic 5 Element Forms