Multiple Attackers Video Clip

Here’s is a clip on the importance of managing the group in multiple attacker situations. It’s from new dvd on Multiple Attacker training.

Phase 1 Vol 14: Multiple Attackers

You will learn the strategies and training methods for surviving against multiple attackers in real life attacks.

This training is essential for the study of self defense and any art intended for use against more than one opponent including: [Read more…]

5 Keys to Surviving Against Multiple Attackers

Training to survive against multiple attackers is an essential part of self defense training.

In Clear’s Silat we always assume there is more than one opponent.

Any time you see a principle being shown against one attacker this is only being done to keep the lesson simple so you can learn faster. As soon as you have a technique down begin training it against multiple opponents.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while training for multiple attackers. [Read more…]