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We are a getting ready to film Sigung Clear’s Xing Yi curriculum.

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Xing Yi Workshop

Registration for this workshop has closed.

3 Days of Intensive Xing Yi Training With SiGung Clear.

  • Date: July 20, 21 & 22
  • Time: 10am – 7ish Each Day (We will most likely finish later than 7pm on most days.)
  • Where: 113 E Broadway Maryville TN
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Hotel & Travel Info:

We recommend that folks who are flying into the Knoxville Airport (TYS) and stay at the Airport Hilton. You will be able to walk from the airport to the hotel and a shuttle will take you to our school each day. You will not need to rent a car.

If you are driving and need directions or hotel info contact:

What is Kun Tao Hsing-I Chuan?

Xing Yi Quan (Hsing-I Chuan)

As a self defense art Xing Yi will aggressively advance and attack with whole body power as soon as a threat presents itself. The art is designed to go through the would be attacker in an explosive quick kill manner.

Xing Yi is a battlefield art created by the famous general Yue Fei. It’s the oldest of the 3 Wudang internal arts and is generally the easiest and quickest to learn.

Secrets of the Old Kung Fu Masters.

Kun Tao is old hand Kung Fu from the temples & family systems of China that began migrating to the spice islands in the 1200′s.

In order to survive alongside the vicious arts of Pentjak Silat, Kun Tao masters had to refine their art to its core & focus only on the most effective & powerful fighting methods. As a result Kun Tao was rarely taught to non-family members & almost never taught to non-Chinese.

Kun Tao styles are lethal with a unique & unmistakable expressive explosiveness. Methods tend to use devastating close range techniques with rapid fire blasting strikes & explosive grappling breaks.

The Essence of Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi is one of the deadly old hand Kung Fu styles that has been refined with the vicious survival mindset of the Kun Tao masters.

There is not much in the way of frills in the art but what it lacks in window dressing it more than makes up for in practicality and internal power. In Indonesia this lethal efficency is admired as death in the jungle can come awfully suddenly quick.

Richard Clear

Sigung Clear has studied Hsing-I since 1984.

His studies include many different methods from various Masters of Hsing-I including studying in mainland China in Beijing from lineage inheritors of the system from ShanXi province the birthplace of Hsing-I and in Tianjin from Liu Wan Fu who had used the art and won in actual death matches in the late 1950′s.

Sigung Clear has more than 75 noticeably different methods, expressions and jings and many more applications for each of the Hsing-I 5 Elements.

Sigung Clear’s Kun Tao Silat teacher is Willem de Thouars who studied directly from various internal arts and Hsing-I masters in Indonesia. Even though he is in his mid-70s Willem de Thouars personal expression of Hsing-I is still surprisingly internally powerful and shockingly sudden even today as of this writing.