Chapter 2 Lesson 1: Grand Tai Chi

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  1. rich tiangco says

    I was wondering, if we practice this with our back against a wall and slide down, will that produce better alignment?
    Also I wish I had someone to shove me sideways to help resist ‘misalignment’ of my structure. Good lesson btw, I’ve practicing Grand TC often from the Practical Guide along with Carry the Cauldron.

    • As you get lower you’ll notice a slight forward lean that will make it tough to keep your back flush while still being correct. If you have a full length mirror you can stand next to that can be quite helpful.

      A person to push you is best but you can make do with a heavy bag or something similar. At least have a family member, friend or co-worker push you for a minute or so every once in a while. And use that to help improve your regular training with a heavy bag.