Chapter 4 Lesson 06: Stomping for Rapid Heavy Movement

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  1. rich tiangco says

    Oooh! What’s the secret?

  2. rich tiangco says

    Training our legs to keep low and stomp is tough, so the standing posture is a non-impact way to build them. AND practicing the 5 fists with stomping is the ‘secret’… OK, I didn’t get it before. Thanks

    • I’ve found that low moving exercises, like our Bagua exercises, are much better for building the type of leg strength you need for this than standing postures. Or you could simply run through your 5 elements soft, slow and low.

      For this Chapter the focus is on building the heavy body quality. So you can put in the work to be able to turn on that quality in any position at any time. Or you can “cheat” and simply stomp to get heaviness into your strikes …of course you’ll need both later in the program.