Knockout Striking

Extreme Self Defense for Extreme Situations.

Knockout Power and Speed for Self Defense

Learn to strike with effortless power. Make your strikes penetrate deep into the opponents internal organs.

Training Includes:

  • Critical hitting secrets (90% of fighters are doing this wrong!)
  • Key principles of Force Delivery that jack up your striking power
  • Suddenness training to make your movements explosively fast
  • How to defend yourself against bigger, stronger attackers
  • How to align your body for maximum power
  • The nasty trick to make your opponent feel like he got hit with a crowbar
  • When and how to cut through a target, when it is smarter not to, and what to do instead
  • Special training on how to defend against a knife attack

Knockout Striking Package

  1. Introduction to Knockout Striking
  2. One Hit KO’s – Part A
  3. One Hit KO’s – Part B
  4. One Touch KO’s
  5. Training Steps (Power Breaking Progression)
Knockout Power and Speed for Real Self Defense Situations

Knockout Power and Speed for Real Self Defense Situations


Clear’s Street Kung Fu is the smartest approach to self defense I have ever seen and I have seen everything the military spec ops community has to offer from Delta and CIA to the British SAS.

Lt Col Robert Leonhard – CIA Adviser on US Military Strategy, Desert Storm Combat Veteran


Sigung Clear has spent over 40 years studying power striking.

Sigung Richard Clear

Sigung Clear began studying the martial arts because he lived in rough neighborhoods and frequently needed to defend himself.

This has led him to an in depth study of Kuntao, Pentjak Silat, Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi, Bagua, Kung Fu and other arts.

As well as the violent attacks He has personally experienced, he has done extensive research on violent attacks, how they happen, how victims respond, how the body & mind respond to extreme stress and the psychology of criminals. He’s studied knife, stick & firearm tactics.