Dr. Wu

Si-Tai-Gung (Grandmaster) Dr. Fred Ming Ahn Wu, P.H.D., an Internationally
known authentic Kung Fu Sifu was the Chief of the U.S. Branch of the Internal
systems of Chinese Martial Arts Association (President, Lee Ying Arng, Hong
Kong); member of the External Kung Fu Kuo Shu Association (Hong Kong and
Taiwan). He was the Trustee of the American Shai Chioa Association. He was
also a Trustee of the Ohio State University Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan

Grandmaster Wu came to America in 1947. He received his P.H.D. in Bio-
Chemistry from Ohio State University in 1957. Since that time he has taught
Kung Fu classes at Antioch College, Kenyon College, Franklin College, Wright
State University, University of Dayton, and Ohio State University.

Grandmaster Fred M.A. Wu was the 7th generation heir of his family
profession of acupuncture; Chinese traditional herbal medicine; Kung Fu mind –
Psychic – Spiritual development, philosophy, self-improvement, Esoteric Science
and Hypno-counseling.

Grandmaster Wu taught Chinese Kung Fu External (hard styles) and internal
(soft styles). Chinese Kung Fu external hard styles which Grandmaster Wu taught
are the Tiger Claw, Northern Black Tiger, Panther, Wing Chun, Eagle Claw, Praying
Mantis, White Crane, Dragon, Monkey, Snake, Lion, Hung Gar, Hop Gar, Tam Tuii
Long Fist, Pa Chi, and White Eyebrow.

The Chinese Kung Fu, internal soft styles taught by Grandmaster Wu are Tai Chi
Chuan, Pa Kua, Hsing-I, Lama, Che Karn (Naturalness), Chi-Aikido, Hsiang-Hsing, Po
(Animal Spirit), Shuai Chiao, and Chin Na.

He taught self-improvement; higher awareness and enlightenment, mind-body-soul
harmony, emotional adaptability and stability, peace of mind, tension and depression
relief; physical fitness and Body-mind Conditioning; breathing for Chi (energy),
relaxation and power; Chi Kung; Do-In; Iron Palm, Iron Fist; exercise for special
purpose; agility, speed, flexibility, co-ordination and power training; weight and
diet; ligament, muscle, and bone conditionsing; yoga; and meditation.

Various Chinese Weaponry such as long sword, broad sword, staff, tiger hooks,
fork lance (spear), butterfly knife, double segmented, tri-sectional staff and
magistrates staff were also taught by Grandmaster Wu.

Grandmaster Wu gave lectures and counseling (eastern philosophy, I-Ching, Tao Te
Ching, acupressure, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Esoteric sciences, and metaphysical

Dr. Wu has sponsored many senior martial arts, Chi Kung, and Eastern Medicine,
teachers to America to share their experience, expertise, and specialized knowledge
with us in order to promote these arts and to help them grow in this country.