Become an Instructor

There are 4 simple, but not easy, steps to becoming an instructor.

Choosing a Certification.

The first step in becoming an instructor is to decide what you would like to study and teach.

We currently offer the following entry level certifications:

Study and Training

Click on your desired certification above to obtain a list of what you need to study and what is required for the test.

Then practice, practice, practice until you are ready.


To obtain any certification we must be satisfied that you have the required skills and abilities.

In most cases this means you will need to see us live and demonstrate that you have acquired the skills necessary for certification.

Specific testing requirements and cost for each certification are listed on each certification page.

Keep Your Certification Up-to-Date

Certification is valid for one year. As with any reputable occupation, a professional is expected to keep their knowledge up-to-date  and their skills fresh.

Our mission is to provide the best internal arts training available and so our instructors must maintain a high level of expertise and proficiency. To help instructors attain and maintain this status, we provide many opportunities for continuing education and require all our Instructors to update their skills annually in order to renew their instructor certificate.

Continuing Education

Instructors must earn a minimum of 24 Continuing Education Credits per year. (extra credits do not roll over to the next year.)

Continuing education credits (CEC’s) can be earned in several ways:

1) Attend Clear’s Silat and Tai Chi workshops, small group training sessions and private lessons.

A typical 3 day workshop is worth 24 CEC’s. However check your workshop details as the amount of CECs you can earn will vary from one to another.

2) Complete additional Certifications.

Completing or renewing a certification automatically renews all other certifications.

3) Join Clear’s Tai Chi Online. Members in good standing are always considered “Current Clear’s Tai Chi Instructors,” meaning their certificate is always valid as long as they are a Member. (a Silat version of option 3 is in the works. Please be patient.)