Clear’s Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan is one of the deadly old hand Kung Fu styles that has been refined with the vicious survival mindset of the Kun Tao masters.

There is not much in the way of frills in the art but what it lacks in window dressing it more than makes up for in practicality and internal power.

In Indonesia this lethal efficiency is admired as death in the jungle can come awfully suddenly quick.

Sigung Richard Clear has over 35 years of continuous study in the Martial Arts. He has studied Xing Yi in the US and in China.

Clear’s Xing Yi Intensive Course

This course is an in depth study of how to fight with Xing Yi. It is designed to build internal fighting skill as efficiently as possible.

It combines clear in-depth instruction & step by step lessons with an emphasis on real-world application.

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Clear’s Yi Quan Course

Yi Quan is a powerful branch of Xing Yi created by Wang Xiangzhai (1885 – 1963) who believed that Xing Yi teachers in his day where placing too much emphasis on the outer form and neglecting their internal development.

The Clear’s Yi Quan training continues that tradition by teaching you to build and use internal skill. With an emphasis on developing the mind (Yi)

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Sigung Clear and Willem de Thouars. Even though he is in his mid-70s Willem de Thouars personal expression of Hsing-I is still internally powerful and shockingly sudden even today as of this writing.

Sigung Clear and Tyrone Jackson. Master Clear’s Xing Yi lineage is Kuo Yun Shen > Wang Hsiang Chai > Lee Ying Arng > Dr Wu > Tyrone Jackson

Sigung Clear in Beijing with a student of Li Gui Chang