Speed Striking

3 - 5 hits per second with full power.

3 – 5 hits per second with full power.

This 2 disc set is packed with training that will help you become faster and more powerful.

Learn explosive speed without sacrificing power.

Training includes:

  • Learn to deliver a minimum of 3 – 5 hits per second (and sustain that rate of fire for at least 5 minutes.)
  • Eliminate wasted motion.
  • Become ‘Suddenly quick.’ So the opponent wont see it coming.
  • How to increase power as you increase speed.
  • Efficiency training for faster strikes (while actually moving slower.)

Aggression is a powerful tactic. Delivering more strikes, faster and with more power, than your opponent is highly effective and a hallmark of Kuntao Silat.

Build the overwhelming speed and power of Kuntao Silat with this 2 disc DVD set.

Run Time: approx. 256 min on 2 discs | format: NTSC DVD-R