Tactical Pen – Street Self Defense Tactics

Quick to learn & Effective.
No Complex Moves or Fancy Techniques.

A Tactical Pen is an excellent self defense tool for someone who cannot carry a blade or a firearm during their daily routine. It’s also an excellent gift for wives & loved ones. It does require some training to be used effectively.

Our Tactical Pen DVD features A Quick, Direct and Effective self defense method that can be learned and used quickly and easily.



Derick asks:
How does your Tactical Pen compare to the Tuff Writer or The Bench Made.
My curiosity stems from the vast price difference in these products.

Ben replies:
Hi Derick,
Great question. We will be putting together a couple articles on Tactical Pens & Tactical Pen usage. But for now here are a couple of the key differences between our pen and other “Tactical Pens.”

Our pen is an actual writing pen. Many “Tactical” Pens are made to look vicious and mean While this may be a good marketing strategy it can make it difficult to carry them through airport security. Sifu Clear has carried several of our pens through airport security with no trouble at all.

The non-writing end of our pen is very flat and wide. This is VERY important for generating power. You need this feature to brace your thumb or the palm of your hand against so you can deliver power without damaging your hand.

Our pen does Not have a cap. Many “High end” tactical pens are pointed on both ends so once you lose the cap the pen is worthless as a self defense weapon. I can never keep track of pen caps and I can’t afford to replace an $80 or even $40 pen every time I lose the cap.

All of the High End Tactical pens will be strong and durable, and our pen is no exception. While filming this DVD we (and the folks at the workshop) broke a bunch of 1 inch pine boards using about 40 of our pens. All of the pens held their shape and would still write afterwards except one. The one pen that had a problem was cracked at the very tip and though it would not write afterwards it would continue to work just fine for the duration of an altercation.
If your pen does break or you have a problem with it Please let us know right away.

Sifu Clear was recently asked how he went about selecting our Tactical Pen. Here’s what he had to say:
“I looked at the high end Tactical Pens and found things about most of them that I do not like such as that you would most likely not be able to legally get one onto an airplane or into a courthouse, they often have caps, they are often sharp on both ends. I looked at regular pens and found that most are not sturdy and are not designed to be used tactically because when you hit something with the pen point (and you will if you are strongly holding the pen and pushing the plunger) the plunger will jab you in the hand and most of the force will come back into you instead of going into the intended target. So, I looked at many pens that twist to open instead of having a plunger or cap and I looked for the sturdiest I could find that were actually a pen so that I can (and have) carry a handful of them onto an airplane and into a courthouse. I have found one that fits the criteria and I continue to look but so far this is the best pen I have been able to find while still keeping the cost of the pen very reasonable.”