Introduction to Bagua

Sigung Clear has studied Bagua since 1981.

KunTao Baguazhang

As soon as a threat presents itself Bagua delivers devastating hand strikes while taking evasionary action.

The specialty of Bagua is in defeating multiple opponents and so evasion, timing & positioning skills are all highly refined. Even aggressive arts like Xing Yi and other Kun Tao styles will find the Bagua practitioner difficult to hit.

Bagua is quite diverse and there are many different styles, moves and patterns to be found in the art including many different internal training methods and energy palms such as iron palm, vibrating palm, poison hand, penetrating palm, crushing palm and more.

Bagua is very popular and well respected in Java where the art was refined and honed due to the bladed nature of Indonesian culture.

When seriously attacked by a group of knife wielding assailants you either move well or you die.

Old Hand Kung Fu

Kun Tao is old hand Kung Fu from the temples & family systems of China that began migrating to the spice islands in the 1200′s.

In order to survive alongside the vicious arts of Pentjak Silat, Kun Tao masters had to refine their art to its core & focus only on the most effective & powerful fighting methods. As a result Kun Tao was rarely taught to non-family members & almost never taught to non-Chinese.

Kun Tao styles are lethal with a unique & unmistakable expressive explosiveness. Methods tend to use devastating internal power combined with the advanced timing and movement necessary for survival against aggressive groups of attackers.

Sigung Clear has studied Ba Gua since 1981.

His studies include learning several different family systems of Bagua including studying in mainland China from lineage inheritors of the system in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.

Sigung Clear’s Kun Tao Silat teacher is Willem de Thouars who studied directly from Buck Chen. Willem de Thouars Bagua is very combat efficient and it is as beautiful as it is deadly.

Training Partners

Bagua designed from the ground up for at least 6 – 8 attackers.

You will need at least 4 training partners to practice the drills and gain the skills taught in this program.

If you do not have 4 training partners you can begin with less. However it is absolutely necessary to build a study group of at least 5 or 6 people as quickly as possible if you want to truly develop the skill that any decent Bagua player should have

Clear’s Bagua Curriculum

This program will teach you how to use Bagua and how to develop the Internal Power & Skill a good Bagua fighter should have.

We will NOT spend a lot of time on forms or on the technical basics you can easily learn from any other Bagua program out there.

In fact the vast majority of this program is taught using 3 things:

  • Circle Walking
  • Single Palm & Single Palm Change
  • Double Palm & Double Palm Change

Baguazhang Intensive Program

This program is an in depth study of how to fight and defend yourself with Baguazhang. The focus is on fighting methods and applications against multiple attackers.

Available now:

Learn to fight with the basic skills and principles of Bagua.

Learn to effectively train the essential skills and principles of Bagua.

Baguazhang Intensive – Training Methods

The first half of the program will familiarize you with mentality of the art, giving you a clear understanding of the goals and approaches
Chapter 1: Multiple Attacker Training – The fighting strategy, principles and application of Circle Walking. This will give you the tools and training progression to successfully evade and counter attack a group of attackers.

Training includes:

  • Fighting applications of Circle Walking
  • Breathwork
  • Internal training for continuous power.
  • How to turn your back on an opponent without leaving yourself open.
  • Fight response training.
  • Evasion & flanking drills
  • Knife drills
  • Going to the ground (and getting back up) against multiple attackers
  • Throws and counter attacks against multiple opponents.
  • Application of Palm, forearms, elbows, shoulders, head, knees & feet.
  • …and lots and lots of multiple attacker drills

Learn superior position and timing skills to defeat multiple opponents.

Chapter 2: Swimming Dragon – Is a very powerful and effective Bagua Body Skill. This DVD contains a series of drills and exercise that will build this quality and teach you to use it effectively against a group of attackers.

Training Includes:

  • Swimming Dragon body skill
  • Body slipping drills
  • Close Quarters Evasion & Counters
  • Superior Positioning Skills
  • Breaks and Throws
  • Knife Defense & Disarms
  • Using Bagua in a Confined Space
  • Multiple Attacker Drills & Sparring
  • And more…

Chapter 3: Essential Palms – Learn to fight with the essential Palms of Baguazhang. Learn how these palms relate to each other and how to mix and match them for maximum effectiveness.

Training Includes:

  • Simple Single Palm Change apps
  • Complex Single Palm Change apps
  • Searching Palm Apps
  • Narrow Palm Change Apps
  • Dragon Turns Body Apps
  • Snake Spits Out Tongue Apps
  • White Ape Offers Fruit Apps
  • Hold the Bowl Apps
  • Cloud Hands Apps

Chapter 4: Body Methods & Energies – Learn the basic body methods & internal principles of Baguazhang for maximum internal power and combat effectiveness.

Training Includes:

  • Essential Body Mechanics
  • Floating Root
  • Whole Body Ball
  • Swimming Dragon
  • Hawk soaring
  • White Cloud
  • Bear Body
  • Twisting & Spiraling
  • Predator Style


Bagua Intensive – Fighting Method

Chapter 1: Body Methods & Energies & Multiple Opponent Drills

We begin with drills to help you employ the basic Bagua energies & body methods against multiple opponents: Floating Root, Whole Body Ball, Swimming Dragon, Hawk Soaring, White Cloud, Bear Body, Spiral & Predator.

Chapter 2: Turning & Spinning
Here we work with spinning & footwork in Bagua. This chapter contains an in depth analysis of 90, 180, 270, 360, 540, 720 degree spins and how to use them against multiple opponents. Including how to use your spins, arcs & circles to control a group.

Chapter 3: Stepping & Walking for Defense
Now that you’re skilled at spinning we show you how to combine this with Bagua stepping methods for greater effectiveness.

Chapter 4: Walking the Circle
Learn what different circle sizes are for & how they affect your fighting ranges. You’ll also learn to destroy grabs, grapples, takedowns and tackles.

Train your inner ear for stability while you’re rapidly spinning and turning.

Learn Yi training to disorient the opponent and disrupt their balance.

Chapter 5: Turning with Stepping

How to escape from the center of a determined group of attackers.

Chapter 6: Specialty Palms


  • Poison Hand
  • Unbending arm & body
  • spring arm
  • Short Power
  • searching palm
  • How searching palm destroys jabs and cagey attackers
  • Body Palms
  • Penetrating Palm
  • Rise, Drill
  • Fall & Overturn
  • Whipping Palm (with whole body power)
  • Heaven & Earth Palm

Chapter 7: Offensive Walking

Make your legs as deadly and devastating as your hands with the kicks stomps and aggressive footwork of Bagua.

Chapter 8: Intro to Double Palm and Double Palm Change

In this chapter we introduce Bagua’s Double Palm and Double Palm Change and how it relates to everything you’ve been working on.

Chapter 9: Kai (opening & closing)
Use this bagua principle to increase your speed and your ability to control the space around you. Learn to get out of tight spaces and corners.

Chapter 10: Putting it all together

Learn the basics Bagua Knife and stick work and learn to combine all the skills taught in this course and how to train them properly.

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Advanced Bagua Training

Details coming soon…

Baguazhang Workshop

Learn to fight with Baguazhang. Sigung Clear takes the art Baguazhang and breaks it down so you can learn to fight quickly and effectively.
Check back for details on our 2017 workshop!