5 Free Bagua lessons are now online & more are on the way.

Clear’s Bagua is here.

The curriculum is divided into four basic parts:

Part 1 Introduction to Baguazhang
Part 2 Baguazhang Basics
Part 3 Baguazhang Intensive
Part 4 Advanced Baguazhang

…and part 1 will be available on youtube for free.


We just published the first 5 lessons this morning and new lessons will be published there every Thursday.

This is an experiment.

We would normally put the stuff in this Bagua Introduction on a DVD and sell it for $150 – $200. and those who are serious would buy it and love it and train hard like they do with our other DVDs.

…but with Bagua we wanted to try something new.

It might work. It might not.

See, the problem with Bagua is that even if you have one or two training partners, and you practice hard, getting beyond a rudimentary level of skill is almost impossible.

Because Bagua specializes in dealing with multiple attackers you need at least 4 training partners or there will be major holes in your ability.

So our goal is to increase the interest and awareness of Bagua so that more people will want to learn it.

…and that way our students will have an easier time finding training partners and developing quality skill.

We thought the best way to do that is to show people how effective it is.

…not by creating flashy demo videos (though we’ll do some of that to.)

…but by letting them experience the results for themselves.

We’ve always found that the best way to find hardworking students who will persevere and carry an art forward is to let them experience the results for themselves.

Like I said, it’s an experiment. It might work. It might not.

If this experiment is successful, we’ll do more stuff like this.

But that’s up to you.

For this to be successful we need to see that people are learning and benefiting from these lessons. We need to see new people become inspired to take up the study of Bagua.

…and we need to see a number of those folks move past a superficial interest in the art and begin working to master it. So that they can carry it forward to the next generation and beyond.

In Tai Chi, Xing Yi or Silat a small number of people can preserve the art at a high level of skill and carry it forward. All you need is one or two people willing to learn, train hard and eventually teach.

But in Bagua you need more than that just to train it properly, much less maintain a high level of quality and carry it forward.

So, if you like what we’re doing, here’s what you can do to make this experiment successful:

1. Study and Train.

Use these lessons and train hard. Become a shining example of what this art can do.

1B. Of course, to train properly you’ll need a study group. So make the search for training partners a regular part of your weekly training routine. You can always use a few more.

2. Ask questions in the comments of each video.

If you have a question, I guarantee you there are a dozen more people out there wondering the same thing but are too shy to ask. So do them, and yourself, a favor and ask.

3. Share this course.

The more people who see this, the easier it will be to find training partners.

So, go get to work.


Ben Sterling