Bagua 101: The first 5 Bagua skills you should learn.

We’ve been talking a lot about Xing Yi recently.

Our function first approach and how we leave out all the fluff and filler.

The same applies to our Bagua.

So here’s a quick look at the first 5 Bagua fundamentals.

1. Constant Penetrating Power

This quality is very much the Hallmark of Bagua.

There are many other energies and expressions.

But this is first

Because without this so much of your Bagua movement will be paper thin…

…lacking the internal power and integrity that all real Bagua has.

ALL your movement should have a penetrating bone breaking power.

And it should be constant.

Without ANY breaks or interruptions ANYWHERE in the movement or the power.

2. Simple Street Application

Bagua is known for some very complex movement.

However if you’re going to be able to fight with Bagua anytime soon you need to start with some simple and effective street applications.

They key is that they must still use proper Bagua principles.

This could mean a lot of things but the two most important is that they use the Constant Penetrating Power we already talked about and…

You must NEVER stop moving.

Bagua ALWAYS assumes 6 – 8 attackers. This means you must never EVER stop moving.

So when you train your application make sure you NEVER stop moving and walking.

If you stand in one place for a moment, even if you’re doing something horrible to one attacker, the other attackers will get you.

This brings us to number 3…

3. Fighting Use of Circle Walking

With any real style or study of Bagua one of the first and most important practices you hear about is Circle Walking.

The fighting use of Circle Walking is a HUGE topic.

There is much much more than we’re going to talk about here.

One of the first things you’re working on is to never stop moving.

I know I mentioned this already but it’s absolutely CRITICAL and it’s a very common error.

As soon as you stop moving your feet the other attackers will catch up to you and you die.

So Bagua doesn’t stop.

Your feet are always moving and you’re constantly traveling and covering ground.

With a little practice you’ll be able to walk in any direction you choose while still being able see ALL the attackers AND where you are going.

4. Move Your Center

One of the key principles that sets Bagua apart from Xing Yi or Tai Chi is that Bagua Moves the Center.

(Xing Yi Fortifies the Center. Tai Chi Dissolves the Center)

This comes back to the principle of CONSTANT MOTION because standing still gets you killed.

Movement and Evasion is Bagua’s first response.

Even if it could aggressively take out the attacker (like Xing Yi will) Bagua ALWAYS assumes AT LEAST 6 attackers and so Movement and Evasion is FIRST.

Moving your center through space…

(because you’re walking like we talked about)

…but also moving it INTERNALLY.

Twisting and turning and rotating and moving your center around inside your body. المراهنة على المباريات

5. Multiple Attacker Fundamentals

All this evasion and movement we’ve been talking about keeps you from getting killed.

It also allows you to control the space around you.

With a little practice you can use techniques like Single Palm to segment the space around you and control when where and how attackers have access to you.

You must end the situation as quickly as possible! كيف تربح في الروليت

The problem is, if you commit to a technique or try to make something happen you leave yourself exposed to the other attackers.

The key is to let the attackers do all the work.

Learn to use timing and position so that the attackers must expose themselves to reach you.

Then you can let the attackers do all the heavy lifting and use their offensive techniques against each other.

So those are 5 fundamental Bagua skills you should start with BEFORE you start learning any forms. كيف ربح المال

You will learn these basics in the Bagua section of our Internal Combat Arts Course.

And of course we’ll take these skills to a much more advanced level in our full Bagua program.

…as well as add a whole bunch of other more advanced Bagua stuff.


  1. tutai strickland says

    the more i discover new movements the more it opens my eyes to an art that i never new it is possible to defend against multiple players i have done professional boxing and bjj and kung fu but this is something else i must investigate and find out more can you give some form of sparring or actioins involving it and is there any school in australia thank you tai