Bagua Basic Breath & Relaxation

In Bagua, good breathwork, relaxation & structure are essential.

If any one of these is lacking you will lose power, mobility and run out of steam long before your opponents do.

So the beginning goal is to maintain a relaxed, sunk, fully mobile, comfortable body posture the entire time. Breathe using the whole body from head to toe and relax to get that right position.

Once you’ve got it and you can keep it that way the whole time you’ll find that you won’t run out of breath.

You won’t get winded and you’ll still have good power, flow and mobility the entire time.

Bagua should have whole body power in all it’s movement all the time.

Breathwork, relaxation and structure are the foundation of that power.

You’ll learn how to build this power and how to use it with all your movement at the very beginning of Bagua Basics Chapter 1: Multiple Attacker Training