Bagua Lesson 2 – Never Receive the Opponents Force


This is lesson 2 in our free online Bagua training. Make sure you’ve studied this first: Bagua Lesson 1 – Multiple Attacker Strategy

Lesson Transcript: The next important Bagua fundamental is that any force you get hit with you’re walking out of. You’re coming out from in front of it. If you’ve got three or four people really trying to jump on you, some of them, even though they may not have locked the grab in yet or really put their fist through your head, they are reaching you and putting power on to you. The trick to it, if I can call it that( I don’t really think of it as a trick but a skill that your looking for with that), is the ability to negate that force and not receive it inside.

Negate the Opponents Force

He can hit me with a 2×4 if I don’t receive the force he’s trying to hit me with, or I receive a very small fraction of it. He has to be really super powerful before it becomes a problem. how is ivermectin prescribed If he meant to hit me with a 2×4 and it feels like he tapped me because that is all the force I got from it, well I can do that. So you’re gonna not want to receive any force they’re trying to give you.

Keep Moving

He’s having a harder time getting on me in the first place, and even when he does, I’m not staying there to receive the hit. I’m turning and stepping out of there. That’s very important because if you just turn and they’re pushing through where you’re at, they’re more likely to push through you.

So it’s not huge steps or any thing, but it’s not turning in place. It can be for certain applications, but for the purposes of them really trying to get the force on you by coming in, that’s gonna leave you standing in place too much. And so it was a small, and you can use circular movement, but it does have to be getting out of there movement is really the point of it. what if get ivermectin on skin

A circle is a good way to practice it. But it is a circle with some spin to it. So that you do get out from in front of them and they will push you behind them when it’s worked correctly. And I’m not falling over all the place doing this. Bend your knees a little bit and set you body and that will help you move better. what is ivermectin cream used for in humans

Get Off the Line

There’s a line there and you’re trying to get off of it. You’re getting off that line, you’re getting off that line and then you’re turning and walking, turning and walking. It’s their job to catch me, not my job to wait and give them the easy shot.