Bagua Lesson 7 – Single Palm Fighting Strategy & Presentation


This is lesson 7 in our free online Bagua training.

Transcript: In Bagua, there are three simple ways that the single palm position can be used for the strategic aspect of fighting.

Fighting in the Single Palm Position

The first one is that I’ve got that palm up here and I’m facing him with that palm. I’ve got the back one as well and the leg and the ability to move and that kind of thing. موقع الفورمولا

Using a Welcoming Posture to set up the Single Palm

The second one is, in Bagua where you walk the circle doing the stationary postures, now some of them are very conducive for fighting stuff. Some of them are more to build your body and that kind of thing and normally most of them do both but there’s a couple or several specifically that are really useful for fighting and specially for multiple attacker situations.

One of the one’s is here, not this or other things, but there or hands out in front of you, kind of. There’s also this idea where you’re walking the circle and you’re doing this bit here and you’re using that, and in this case I’m facing him from here and as soon as he brings something or starts to I come out of there and I’m in single palm, now, like where I was before.

So, if he went around and came again, at some point here I’m striking him and notice I’ve opened back up. Even though I hit here he’s got sort of a strength here so I feel that and I’m coming off of that, from the single palm that I’m in here.

So the simple of this to see it from in front of you would be you’re doing like you’re doing that posture, walking the circle and you use it as you’re receiving. Now it’s not close to your body, when you do it in the form it’s not there either, it’s out in front of you like that. اليورو ٢٠٢١

Somebody in front of you might think it looks like that, that’s fine, but it’s here. As soon as they start to come and you figure out where you need to be going, then it becomes single palm. So that’s the second one.

Single Palm as an emergency technique

The third one is, for simple opening strategy. So the first two were, he’s a fighter and I’m right there, he’s a fighter and I’m right here. موقع رهان كرة القدم The third one is, I’m in whatever situation I’m in and he’s crazed, wants to hit somebody by surprise without them knowing it’s coming and I’m doing whatever I’m doing, and now I went to the position.

Notice that I got off the line, he’s gonna feel that hard hit there, it’s soft to me and I hit the weak spot on him all in the one move. Even if I wasn’t sure of the situation, then I realize there is a punch there and I’ll footwork it. It’s not this, It’s that whole body where the power is coming from.

And when he brings his other punch, same thing again.