Bagua Lesson 8 – Defending Attacks from Behind You


This is lesson 8 in our free online Bagua training.

Transcript: In Bagua, when you’re in single palm position, if the person is attacking around behind you or there position is slightly behind you. The number one thing to do about this is to step. ivermectine avis I’m staying positioned so I can turn quickly and so that I have the ability to move out of there at speed.

As soon as I see them I’m off to the races. I’m walking as soon as he’s all framed up at all or looking like he’s bringing something.

If your going to turn to them, the way you’re going to turn to them is to raise the top hand up as if you’re raising a window and looking underneath it. stromectol vente libre canada And when you do that you step and then turn back and so literally it becomes he’s pushing down on my arm and he could overcome it while I’m stationary, but now I’m moving and it’s got that same slicing action that made it so I don’t receive the force but he feels like he’s really doing something.

If he hits it it hurts him even though I’m getting out of the way.

From here if I step, which gives me my position through me and I can turn, and I barely need to touch him because it’s a bad position for him and a good position for me.

If he brought a punch from behind your head and one from in front you’re still in that position and keep turning as well off of that position. ivermectina 6 mg guayaki So I went here and turned as he came with that. And you’re going use it to break his arm or let him go and hit him in the back of the head or to do other things.

Don’t sweat that one right now, I just want to show you that if he had come in behind you it’s either walking or turning into him.

Normally you’d think you’re in a bad position because they are behind you, but if I’m gonna run away, where is he going to be? Behind me, if I’m running. Or even if I’m trying to walk away at some point he probably ends up behind me so it’s not such a bad thing you just have to understand what its strengths are and what its weaknesses are (most people see that right away) and how to use it, both aspects, all of it.