Baguazhang Lesson 4 – The Opponent Only Hits Air

This is lesson 4 in our free online Bagua training.

So when Baguazhang is done properly the opponent only hits air or they’ll hit your hard parts that you’re giving them while you’re getting out of the way.

Which means if they hit my elbow, if I’m there I still receive their force in, If I’m moving out of there I feel nothing. they catch my elbow in a place where for me it’s barely a touch but for him it’s BLAM, I just found his elbow! And they’re doing that with a fist or whatever they’re doing it with and it’s incidental to you, you just keep moving. In the middle of a real situation you will probably won’t know it happened.

Let them hit their friends

They’ll hit your hard parts or, they throw their hit at me and they hit their friend, and I help them hit their friend which you will get to in the more advanced programs, but initially he’s hitting his friend over there (in the direction of his punch) while you’re moving out.

So they hit only air, your hard parts (which could be more that just your elbow) or they’re hitting their friends. That’ll work for me just fine.

Baguazhang is Always Powerful

Let me add this last though for you for this part of it.

Baguazhang is powerful, whole body power hits to the opponent’s weak points or position while you’re moving, slipping and evading their attacks.

Just as Baguazhang always flanks and evades (or it’s not really Bagua) Bagua is always powerful or it’s not really Bagua either. thank You.