Kuntao Dragon Certification

Earning a Kuntao Dragon Certification demonstrates your proficiency in this explosive aggressive fighting method and an in-depth knowledge of self defense fundamentals.

Preparation for the Kuntao Dragon Certification can be completed in as little as 6 months. However to prepare adequately in such a short period of time will require A LOT of hard work and dedication.

To pass this test you must have an in-depth knowledge of self defense fundamentals, the fighting use of the open hand and the Kuntao Dragon fighting method, applications, exercises, energies, games & drills.

You must also have the internal strength and explosive power to use the Kuntao Dragon method effectively.


  1. paul hollingsworth says

    If i did this program would i be able to run a class in my area? Im about 21/2hrs. Away outside of lexington ky.trained in other arts around 30 years.thanks paul hollingsworth