If you think that a kiss…

“If you think that a kiss is all in the lips c’mon,
you got it all wrong, man.” – Jack White.

And if you think that a punch is all in the hips,

…Oh Well…

then do the twist.

Most martial artists just do the twist over and over.

Dancing to same old song.

Only it looks a little different now,

With those creaking knees and aching hips, it
just ain’t what it used to be.

Didn’t their momma ever tell them that it’s
what’s on the inside that counts?

 – The alignments,
 – the body states,
 – the yi and the chi.

I don’t see too many of the old Internal masters

They just keep getting better and better, while
looking about half their age.

Because ultimately a kiss…

 …a dance…  ..your ‘age’..

even a punch..

..is all in your head.

Your ability to direct your intention, and the
internal skill to make that intent a reality.

That’s what counts.

So, don’t do the twist anymore.

Develop your intention & your internal skill with
our Internal Power training:


…and then go use it to impress your friends.

Because friends don’t let friends do the twist.