What has all these Big Bad Martial Artists Terrified?

Want to see a Martial Artist get scared?

…and start backpedaling as fast as they can?

Go find a 15 – 30 year practitioner. Some who’s been there and done that. Trained with the right kinds of teachers. Run schools. Taught workshops.

Go up to them and just start throwing around the word “master.”

More and more I see martial artists start backpedaling as soon as that word pops up.

First they start distancing themselves from the word:

“oh I’m no master. Just a humble student.”

Then they start attacking the word itself.

You’d think master was only spelled with four letters by the way they behave.

What did that poor word ever do to them?

Did they accidentally let it slip on youtube and get a bunch of mean comments that hurt their feelings?

A master is simply an expert at something.

— A person with extensive knowledge or ability in a given subject.

— A worker or artisan qualified to teach apprentices.

Is that so bad?

Isn’t that what we look for in a teacher?

Isn’t the goal of training to master a set of skills?

If they’re just trying to be humble why do they call themselves a Martial Artist?

Is their martial skill so great we should call it art?

I’d settle for a simple expert.

Whether you prefer the term Master or Artist the first step is to start working hard and building a foundation.

Not a foundation of forms & choreography but a solid one based on skill you can use.

Students who complete the Internal Combat Arts Course have that foundation.

…and they’ve built it on a solid understand of how to fight with the internal arts.

You can become one of them if you’re willing to do the work: