Kung Fu Challenge Matches

Kung Fu ChallengeOccasionally folks have questions about the validity or effectiveness of a martial art, system or school and will issue a “challenge.”

Typically this is a request to test the school in question by participating in a “challenge match” against one of their students or teachers.

A challenge match is a contest of skill pitting the challenger against a member of the school or system being challenged.

Traditionally the party being challenged determines the rules of the challenge match and the challenger must defeat the senior students of a school before they can challenge the teacher or head of a system.

Since he began teaching in 1983 Sigung Richard Clear has had an open door policy. All are welcome to come visit, participate in training, ask questions and test our methods.

Clear’s Silat & Street Kung Fu “challenge” policy.

Step 1: Schedule a time to visit.

We are too busy and too old for this S#!+ but we do want to make sure you get adequate time and attention to address your concerns.

Contact us to schedule a time to visit our headquarters in Maryville TN USA. Usually this will be a Thursday evening from 7:30 to 10ish. However, we travel frequently so you must make arrangements in advance.

Step 2: Participate in a Class.

We understand that our training methods are unusual. In most cases a little live training with a some Q&A is more than enough to address any concerns someone unfamiliar with our system will have.

You’ll be partnered with a senior student who has the skill and knowledge to answer most questions. You’ll be able to participate in class and you’ll get to learn about what we do and why we do it in a friendly & safe atmosphere.

After all, we just want to be your friend.

Step 3: Challenge Match.

If you still have questions or concerns after class we are happy to discuss them with you. If you still feel a challenge match is necessary we will discuss rules, match you with a suitable opponent and let you try your best. (within reason. ex: Full contact is OK. Live blades and firearms are NOT.)

Additional Requirements:

  • All interactions will be filmed.
  • You must sign a waiver before class releasing us of any liability for any injuries you receive during training and giving us permission to film the interaction and use your likeness on video.
  • Sigung Clear is eager to participate in a challenge against you. However, he is 50, type 1 diabetic and has kids to think about. So we’re not going to let him, unless you demonstrate that you can train in a friendly and safe manner during class and prove yourself against one of us (his senior students) first.
  • You are welcome to bring an assistant to to film the interaction for your own records.