Power Striking Package


Hit Harder, Faster & Save over $150

This 5 disc package will rapidly increase your striking power at short distances and build explosive speed.

Training includes:

  • 3 Inch Punching, 1 Inch Punches, and No Distance strikes.
  • Learn to deliver a minimum of 3 – 5 hits per second (and sustain that rate of fire for at least 5 minutes.)
  • Eliminate wasted motion.
  • Become ‘Suddenly quick.’ So the opponent wont see it coming.
  • How to increase power as you increase speed.
  • Efficiency training for faster strikes (while actually moving slower.)
  • The Basic Seven power building exercises
  • The Advanced “Insane” Seven power building exercises

Package includes the following DVDs:

  • Power Striking: 7 Insane Ways to Triple Your Striking Power in 30 Days or Less – $147
  • No Distance Power Striking (2 discs) – $250
  • Speed Striking (2 discs) – $250