The Kung Fu Con Exposed by Martin Luther King, Jr.

This very important quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. has been around for a while.

…but martial artists seem to have missed it for some reason.

I guess they’re just too busy quoting Bruce Lee and Mister Miyagi to notice this ‘secret’ hidden in plain site.

If they had paid attention it could have saved them a lot of time and effort.

Here it is:

“Justice too long delayed is justice denied.”

This means if something takes too long, it’s worthless.

…but we’ve been trained and conditioned to think otherwise.

Over and over we’ve been told that these arts…

…that Internal Kung Fu, takes a lot of hard work over a long long time before you can use it.

Everytime you hear that remember:

“Skill too long delayed is skill denied.”

Sure, SOME things take a while to learn, and others take a while to master.

However, FUNCTIONAL SKILL can be developed very quickly.

The old Kuntao masters knew this.

They also knew that if their students couldn’t fight very well and very quickly, the students wouldn’t be around long enough to learn anything that took a while.

That’s why these methods are so powerful.

It’s why they’re so effective.

I’m surprised more people don’t teach this way.

I’m surprised more students don’t expect this from their teachers.

There’s so many people out there stumbling around in the dark, learning form after form, memorizing abstract sayings and studying classic texts…

…when they could be out there learning to USE the art they love instead.

Our goal is to help people make that transition from abstract form and theory to practical functional skill.

If you’d like to join the our other students who have made that transition, go check out the Internal Combat Arts Course.

…and the other cool thing about developing functional skill quickly is that it builds a much more solid foundation for advanced skill later on.