To Boldly Go Where No Martial Artist Has Gone Before…

Silat03The Internal Martial Arts are Incredibly awesome.

Anyone who understands this will study them for the rest of their lives.

This is fact.


A teacher’s most important job is to communicate this fact effectively to their students.

That’s the hard part.

…but if the teacher can find some way to get that fact to sink in then their work is done.

The student will take over.

Take charge of their education, learn, seek out new facts and information and boldly go where no martial artist has gone before.

The teacher may continue to facilitate that process, but they are no longer a required component.

If the teacher disappears the student will find another way to continue their studies.

That is our goal.

To find an effective way to communicate how incredibly awesome these arts are.
That’s what each class, seminar & workshop and DVD is about.

Every youtube video and facebook post.

That’s what the Internal Combat Arts Course is for.

That’s what each and every blog post is about.

Sharing information is simply a tool that teachers use to empower their students and communicate awesomeness. So that one day the student will take the art to a new level. One above and beyond anywhere we’ve gone before.

…and if you teach, that is your job.

Just that one task.

Figure out how to communicate the incredible awesomeness of the Internal Martial Arts.

You won’t reach everybody all the time.

In fact, you probably won’t reach anybody most of the time.

…but that’s ok.

We’ll just keep practicing and try again tomorrow.