WARNING: Ignore Sammo Hung At Your Peril.

SammoI was sitting at my desk last night (couldn’t sleep) when my eye fell on a Kung Fu movie that I had been neglecting to watch for months.

Turns out it was a perfect example of the eclectic Kuntao Silat philosophy in action.

A young man, obsessed with kung fu, is torn between the only two kung fu schools in town.

He can’t decide which to study with and both schools strictly forbid studying with the other.

Fortunately for our young hero, he’s saved from The Bad Guy’s Henchmen by none other than Sammo Hung. Who gives him this advice,

“This situation is like food.

Some people like chicken,
others like fish,
others prefer vegetable and bean curd.

I like it all.

As long as it’s edible, I can eat anything.

I don’t care, that’s why I’m so fat.”

So, he takes the advice. Learns from both schools, and he does quite well for year.

Then, inspite of his new skill, he’s beaten up by The Bad Guy’s Henchmen, found out by both his teachers and kicked out of both schools to fend for himself.

Fortunately, The Man Who Eats Everything is still around running a wine business.

So, after a grueling training montage with his new teacher, our Young Hero beats up the The Bad Guys Henchmen, kills the Bad Guy and beats up the Bad Guys Brother (who’s been training in Manchuria for last three years preparing for revenge.)

Oh, and the feuding kung fu schools realize the error of their ways and are reunited.

The moral of the story?

When Sammo Hung says to eat everything, you eat.

…and when you’re looking for teachers, look for ones who don’t limit themselves by style or affiliation.

That’s why the Internal Combat Arts course contains Bagua, Xing Yi, Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi and Qigong.

Each of these arts can work just fine by itself,

…but they’re so much more powerful when you let them support one another, and feed off each other and grow together.

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