Can Silat or Xing Yi be applied in MMA?

MMA is just like any other sport.

If you want win at Tennis, you need to spend most of your time studying and practicing Tennis.

You can use training from other sports and disciplines to enhance aspects of your Tennis game…

…but when you walk out onto the court you’re either playing Tennis or you’re going to lose.

Xing Yi and Silat were designed for a very different setting.

Using the full art in a ring would get you disqualified pretty quick.

(…and that’s assuming they’ll even let you into the ring carrying that machete 😉

An mma fighter could use training from Kuntao Silat or Xing Yi to increase their power, speed and explosiveness…

…but sorting through all the BS that’s out there on these arts and finding a good teacher takes a lot of work and effort.

Until top quality examples of these arts are a lot more common I doubt we’ll see them having much influence on MMA.

Though I could be wrong…