3 Must Have Basics of Kuntao Silat

1. Survival Strategy

First and foremost Kuntao Silat is about survival.

You must understand how attacks happen.

Avoidance, Awareness & Deterrence must be trained.

One of the key principles of ANY self defense based martial art is that you DO NOT exchange with the attackers.

  • You do not square off with the attackers.
  • You do not trade hits with the attackers.
  • You do not wrestle with the attackers.

Many many people get this wrong because the art (or the practitioner) is coming from a sport based background, mindset or strategy.

Dirty kickboxing is NOT self defense.

Training to break the rules of an MMA match does NOT make your art a self defense method. Because the underlying principles and assumptions of the method are base on a SPORT environment.

Kuntao Silat Assumes:

  • You are old
  • Out of shape
  • Injured
  • Slow
  • Weak
  • Outnumberd
  • Caught off guard

Ideally none of these are the case. However as a Self Defense art we must assume they are and train to be effective anyway.

An art that cannot be effective under all these conditions at once…

  • Might be an effective military combat method…
  • It might be a winning sport method…
  • It might even be an effective brawling method…

…but it is NOT a self defense method.

So in Clear’s Kuntao Silat we Do Not Exchange with the attackers and we make sure everything bad happens to the other guy.

2. Power: Destroy What You Can Touch

Power without effort is critical.

You must have enough power to take out anything within reach…

…and you must be able to do so with little to no effort.

Because if you are old, sick, injured, etc… you may not have the luxury of putting out much effort to defend yourself.

The ‘little to no effort’ part takes some work. So we’re going to focus on that a little later.

What we can do right away is teach you how to use a bone breaking Tjimande strike and the power of the open hand to add more power to your striking without any extra effort (and probably less effort.)

3. Knives, Machetes & Baseball Bats

You must assume the attackers are also able to destroy anything they can touch.

  • They could have advanced internal power and skill
  • They might just be that much bigger and stronger than you
  • and they might be armed. (or even all three)

Either way, YOU must control every point of contact.

You learn how to use your stance and movement so that the attackers cannot reach anything vital on you…

AND in trying to do so they will have to put themselves in vulnerable positions.

Another important part of Clear’s Kuntao Silat is learning how your defense against a blade is exactly the same as your defense against an empty handed opponent and your use of a blade, stick or improvised weapon is also exactly the same as your empty handed fighting method.

This and more is taught in the Kuntao Silat section (first 4 weeks) of our Internal Combat Arts Course.

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