3 Benefits of Overload – The light side of the force.

Monday we talked about the dark side.

How teachers use overload to hide information and how you can fight it.

But there’s a light side too.

Uses that are good and productive.

Here are 3…

1) Principle vs technique

In our Kun Tao Silat classes we will often show dozens of techniques on a
single principle.

Students are overwhelmed by the number of techniques and so they pick up the

They gain functional skill much faster this way.

2) Immersion…

We use this in our Fa Kung Healing workshop.


We take material that would normally be spread over months or years and by
condensing it into a single weekend students experience a dramatic increase
in their ability to feel and manipulate energy.

Our upcoming Xing Yi workshop uses this as well.


You will leave with more power and a better ability to use it effectively.

3) Video…

You can pack a lot of info into a short period of time…

and there’s no danger of overload.

Plus students can choose between and intensive immersion experience or
learning a step at a time.

The key to all these methods is carefully designing a curriculum to maximize
the result your students will experience.

To experience this yourself check out our Tai Chi Iron Body program:


Take Care,
Ben Sterling