7 reasons NOT to use a fist. (Because the Open Hand is better.)

“1 Touch Knockouts!”

That’s the title of our most viewed and most controversial video on Youtube.

The video is very simple.

All we do is teach a complete beginner how easy it is to break a 1 inch board with the open hand. All the instruction is right there in the video so anyone could try it and see for themselves.

People hate that video. They hate it with a passion. They hate the title, they hate the uniforms, everything.

But what people hate the most is when we say that the open hand is better than the fist.

It drives them crazy.

(especially now that the likes are outnumbering the dislikes 5 to 1)

So just in case any of our Youtube haters also read this newsletter here are 7 more reasons to get mad.

1) The fist is slower than the open hand

The fist is slower 1 for 1 and it’s much slower if you try to keep up a continuous barrage for more than a few seconds. (assuming full power with both the whole time.)

2) The fist is less powerful than the open hand.

The open hand is simply more powerful. Sure, you could train up your fist (and we do) but your open hand will always stay ahead of your fist if you train both.

3) The fist is less versatile than the open hand
The open hand become all kinds of things on it’s way to the target. A fist must open (becoming an open hand) first.

4) The impact from a fist does not penetrate the way an open hand strike does

The open hand has a penetrating quality that takes a lot of training to duplicate with a fist.

5) You can’t manipulate someone with a fist.

The open hand is much better for controlling an attacker when you want to use them as a weapon.

6) The fist covers less surface area (yes that’s a bad thing)

The smaller surface area of a fist means you have to be much more accurate and it’s much easier for the fist slide off, dissipating the force before it enters your attacker.

7) The fist is more dangerous (to the one throwing it) than the open hand.

If your alignment is off you can break your wrist & throw out your shoulder or even your back with a punch. Even if your alignment is perfect you can still break your hand on an attacker’s head or elbow.

The open hand doesn’t have either of these problems

So there you have it.

The Clear Defense Method is a crash course in how to make full use of these advantages and destroy the common punching & kicking methods that are so prevalent today.

Not only is it highly effective, it can be learned very quickly.

Next week the Clear Defense Instructor Package goes on sale for 3 days (April 19-21) and the early bird price ends for the Clear Defense Certification Workshop (April 21st.)