Backwards Kung Fu Teachings

Kung Fu is taught completely backwards.

  1. Learn your stances. Start building your low horse.
  2. Learn some forms & techniques.
  3. Maybe learn a couple drills.
  4. Learn some highly technical applications.
  5. And then maybe someday you learn about how the art really works, or you move beyond qigong sets and actually learn a little of what internal is really about.

This is backwards. It’s wrong. It’s designed to waste your time.

We prefer the Kun Tao approach.

FIRST you learn how to fight and start building Internal Skill and Power.
Then we hook you up with an in depth understanding of how the art works.

And only then,

After you understand the art.

After you can really use it, if you really want to, will we help you learn a bunch of forms.

You can get a little taste of this method and learn some Kun Tao Silat, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang & Tai Chi Chuan that you can actually use with our new Internal Combat Arts series.

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