Kun Tao Silat

Clear’s Silat & Street Kung Fu is Kun Tao Silat. Kun Tao Silat is a mixture of Silat and Kun Tao. This mixture goes back quite a few generations and is a blend that came has come about starting with the Chinese trade with the spice islands of Indonesia and Malaysia in the 1200’s.

Although pure Pentjak Silat and pure Kun Tao styles can be found in the islands the majority of martial art styles that can be found in Indonesia and Malaysia today are a combination of Kun Tao and Silat. Part of the reason for this is that the primary purpose for martial arts study in the islands is survival. This tends to mean that if something works then use it and if it works particularly well then claim it as your own.

The mixture of Kun Tao and Silat in styles range from close to 50/50 % to as much as 95/5 %. It just depends on which region or area you are in and what styles are available and what kind of techniques and skills you will need against nearby enemies. Techniques can also depend on who married who and what family arts are / were available.

The mixture of Kun Tao and Silat allows for a wide range of techniques and awfully sudden changes in expression that can be very explosive while being very deceptive. Kun Tao Silat is directed towards the practitioner being able to defend themselves against multiple attackers, armed with weapons, attacking by surprise. The art is a mixture of powerful, explosive and fluid bone breaking and pressure point striking designed to help one extricate themselves from a situation as rapidly as possible. In the art every part of the body that can possibly be used is considered and used as a weapon.

Implements including bladed weapons and improvised weapons are also studied along with tactics and awareness techniques.