Which internal art do I start with?

Here’s a common question:

“I really love the Internal Arts and I want to do all 3. Where do I begin?”

Start with Xing Yi.

It’s powerful, aggressive and it will get you up to fighting speed quickly.

Xing Yi is the steel ball. It fortifies the center. You can see it. You might be able to hit it, But it IS GOING to run you over.

Then move to Bagua.

Bagua adds a lot more complexity to the movement. It will refine your understanding of position as you train for multiple attackers.

(The only down side here is that you need at least 4 (6 is better) training partners to really develop the skills Bagua is striving for.)

Bagua is the barbed wire ball. It moves the center. You can try to hit it but you’ll just get tangled up and hurt.

Next move to Tai Chi.

In Tai Chi your physical movement will become a lot smaller and more refined as you take your internal skill to another level.

(Longevity benefits also increase.)

Tai Chi is the energy ball. The ghost. It dissolves the center. You can’t find it, you can’t hit it and when you try it pwnes you.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling

P.S. If health is your top priority start with Tai Chi. If self defense is your primary motivation try out Kun Tao Silat program.


(It also follows the Xing Yi, Bagua, Tai Chi progression once you get past the basics.)