Bubble toe fighting secrets of Jack Johnson

“Move Like a jellyfish, rhythm is nothing
You go with the flow, you don’t stop” – Jack Johnson, ‘Bubble Toes’

1. Move like a jellyfish.

  • Don’t hold tension anywhere,
  • Effortlessly float out of the way of an attack,
  • Make sure every touch is excruciatingly painful for the attacker.

2. Rhythm is Nothing.

– You use rhythmic movement but you are not bound by it. The Rhythm changes constantly and you mix in a healthy dose of broken rhythm.

3. You go with the flow.

We prefer the phrase: “Go where there’s no resistance” but the principle is the same.

Let your movement flow from what is happening.

Don’t try to force a technique or strategy.

4. You don’t stop…


Constant motion is critical.

Change the distance, change the flow, change your position.

Never be in one place for more than an instant.

Unless it’s bait.

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