How to Fight Multiple Attackers…

Be somewhere else…

As always the first priority in any attack is to be somewhere else or to escape.

However attackers will do their best to make escape impossible.

Only fight one person at a time.

In the movies when the hero is surrounded the bad guys step up one at a time to fight and be defeated.

This is ideal. Unfortunately in the real world attackers don’t do this for you.

You have to do all the work yourself and prevent them from surrounding you in the first place.

Force them to come at you one at a time by making sure there is always one person in between you and everyone else.


You are surrounded. More than 1 person can get to you at once.

1 person is in between you and everyone else.

Fight on the move.

You must be able to use your techniques while walking or running to maintain the “not so bad” position and prevent the attackers from surrounding you.

Learning to put 1 person in between you and every one else is only the first step but it’s by far the most important.

So grab at least two training partners and practice your movement and positioning. Don’t even worry about techniques yet. Just focus on moving so you cannot be surrounded.

First priority is to get out of the middle.

Attackers will close in and try to surround you. Stay moving to prevent this.

If you need some specific drills to help work this out then check out the new Multiple attackers DVD.

It features a bunch of drills that will teach you how to manage a group of attackers and maintain the superior position we discussed here.

It also includes how to:

  • Get through someone who is blocking a doorway
  • Take someone much bigger than you and put them in between you and everyone else.
  • Destabilize an opponent so you can control their position.
  • Use your opponent as a weapon so the attackers will be more worried about getting hit by each other than getting you
  • and much more.