My first encounter with Sigung Clear…

Many years ago…
I studied Karate for a short time.

I only ever fought in one tournament. I got kicked in the head twice and took second place because there were only two of us in my division.

It was frustrating.

Not because I lost.

Or even because I was roughed up a little. It was frustrating because in all the training and sparring matches leading up to this event NO ONE in our dojo had ever tried to kick me in the head.

Not even once.

I’d trained several Katas. I knew all the chart techniques. I’d sparred a bunch. (but not the tournament style sparring.) But no one had ever taken me aside and said,

“Hey, there’s this thing called a crescent kick. You might see it in the tournament. Here’s what you do about it.”

In-fact we never really worked on how to use much of anything. We just kept learning form after form and occasionally sparring a little.

I eventually grew bored with forms and drifted away from the martial arts.

Fast forward a few years. My dad was still training and he said he’d found this class I had to come see for myself.

That was when I first met Sigung Clear. The topic that day just happened to be: How to destroy Karate type kicks. In 1 Kun Tao Silat class I learned more about Karate kicks than my entire time in a Karate Dojo. In just a couple minutes I learned how to beat that crescent kick.

It was so simple.

If someone in my old dojo had known this they could have stopped showing me forms for 5 minutes and taught me how to win that match.

So I signed up on the spot and 8 years later I continue to learn more and more every day. Though I can’t say I know many forms. (nor would I want to.)

That class on how to destroy Karate kicks is on Volume 7 of our Phase 1 Series. We’ve been working on re-filming and updating this series for DVD and I’m proud to announce we are finally done.

This series doesn’t have much in the way of forms. (If you’re looking for more forms you probably shouldn’t be here.) Instead you’ll learn all about Kun Tao Silat.

Everything is broken down piece by piece. So you can build an in-dpeth understanding of how it works…

…And most importantly how to really use it.

Head on over and check it out. You’ll find some package discounts (up to 42% off) for folks who are serious and know they want to study these arts long term.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling