3 Types of Surprise Attacks and how to prepare for them


1. They came out of no where!

The attackers probably did not beam in from outer space. They were there and you just weren’t paying attention.

These are easy to prevent.

Simply practice awareness drills on a regular basis, plan ahead & use good judgment about what situations you put yourself into.

When good awareness skills aren’t enough, or you make a mistake, you’ll end up with one of the next two types of surprise attacks.

2. Sudden but you have time.

This is any attack where you see it coming. Maybe you catch the flash of a punch the instant before it lands or maybe the attackers engage you in conversation seconds or even minutes before the physical assault.

In either case the key is to not let suprise immobilize you.

Get moving.

Also, have a plan.

If you’re trying to make decisions in that type of situation you will freeze.

Have a simple plan of action that applies to most situations and practice, practice, practice.

3. Blindsided.

This is when the physical assault begins before you realize there’s a threat.

They are already hitting, grabbing or stabbing and you have to figure out what’s going on while that’s happening.

The solution is the same: have a plan of action and get moving.

The difference is that plan must be centered around training your body to instinctively slip and neutralize any incoming force.

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