5 important questions, & the only one that really matters.

Ask questions.

Asking good questions of your teachers, your peers, your students and most importantly yourself is absolutely critical to success in the martial arts.

…but there’s only one question that really matters.

First the top 5 runners up.

– How long is this going to take?
– Can I use this when I’m 90?
– Will this training help me reach 90? (and what condition will I be in when I get there?)
– Does this help me grow physically, mentally & spiritually?
– Is this fun?

These are important and I’m sure you can think of a few more.

But the most important question, the one that must be answered by all Martial Artists, is:

Can you fight?

This is first because without it none of the others really matter.

This survival first mindset is a big part why our training methods are so effective.

This is why the efficient & direct training methods we talked about yesterday are so important.

Training shouldn’t begin with long forms or tedious solo exercises.

To begin training with how to USE the art head on over and check out our Clear’s Silat starter package here:


Take Care,
Ben Sterling